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When it's dark, BE a Star

I love the optimism in the saying, When it’s dark, look for stars

Stars are always there, but we can only see them under specific conditions. It has to be dark enough, the clouds need to clear out and we have to look to the sky.

On an average day, we take the stars for granted as they twinkle in the background.

We notice the really sparkly “stars” in our lives when we look for them. In a moment of darkness, they are easy to see shining, adding light when we need it.

I had a friend, Mac, who frequently used the word “star” to describe the people around him. He had a wonderful skill in identifying people’s strengths and bringing them to light. And he wasn’t exaggerating, he only tagged star to the very best of the best in his eyes. I baked and brought a favorite, deliciously decadent chocolate cake to a party once and Mac took one bite before he marched over to me to label me a star baker.

We can all be stars at something. Where are you already a star? We can each shine just a little brighter and twinkle a bit faster. Maybe being the shiniest star we can be is our job.

We don’t even need to wait until dark. The world needs you now.

BE a star

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